100% Compostable Straws-Made in Canada!

  • $135.00
  • Save $-30

We are always looking for Canadian partners, and we are very happy to be able to offer our valued customers these great new products. 

These 100% plant fiber straws are simply the best new product on the market. The straws are 100% "post harvest material" and use no new resources, unlike most other straw options right now. They have no odd after taste, and will not get soggy in any drink, like paper straws. They contain no PLA or "other synthetic plastics" like biodegradable straw options do.

We offer 4 options:

6" loose bulk packaging

8" loose bulk packaging 

*also available in a 8" length with a wider 8 millimeter diameter for bubble tea and thicker drinks*. 

8" individually wrapped packaging- perfect for take-out service.