Interac rolls-2 1/4 x 60 ft" *Phenol Free*-This product plants trees!

  • $95.00
  • Save $24

Once again we are the first to bring you a healthier paper for your staff and the environment. Please read our information on our main page about the harmful chemicals currently used for decades in the making of thermal paper rolls.

This paper has no BPA or BPS *Bisphenol A or S* toxins used in the process of making this paper.

  • High quality German made base paper, manufactured in British Columbia, Canada!
  • USA customers will save an additional *25% when currency is converted!
  • BPA & BPS toxin free thermal paper
  • 100 rolls per case
  • These rolls will work in all new hand held systems for Visa®/Interac®

Please make sure to call or email our office if you have any questions, or you are a volume buyer and are looking for multiple case rates with free shipping options.