New Years Eve Party Pack #1- Assorted Hats, glasses, and decor items- over 320 items -Free Shipping

  • $430.00
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We are happy to offer you great ideas for decor and festive celebration attire for your staff and customers. No need to worry about running down to the local dollar store last minute. hoping they have something left in stock.

We have what you need!

If you have more employees, or you wish to outfit your customers as well, before the New Years celebrations make sure to email us quickly as supplies are limited.

If you would like to mix and match your selections and quantities, please email us directly at

In this pack you receive:

24 N.Y.E. light up sunglasses

24 - 2 pack Champagne plastic toasting glasses

24 Head Bands

24 Light Up Flashing Tiara

48 Necklaces

24 Fiber Optic Had Band

12 Plastic Top Hats

12 Sequin Top Hats

12 Sequin Top Hats with hair

12 Light Up Fedoras

8 - 6 pack of Horns

8 - 6 pack of blow outs

3 Happy New Year Sign decor

1 Happy New Year 6 ft decor sign

4 - 4 pack fan decor signs