Promotional Labels-Locally Produced-New Item-Seasonal-Every Day Low Price-All Natural-Organic bib tags (Canadian customers only)

  • $7.20
  • Save $32.79

Are you looking for a great way to promote special items?

We have the best products for you. We have pressure sensitive laser labels, these labels can go anywhere in your store. This offers you flexibility to display your products wherever you wish. They are also reusable, for cost effective attention grabbing labels.

The labels have a hard backing under the drop down sign for your shelving strip area, or they come off if you wish to have the entire label with adhesive to use on walls, doors or areas with a flat surface.

These labels are laser printer friendly, for professional looking price displays.

We offer many different styles to fit your needs. The top portion of all of our tags are clear to allow a full presentation of price and UPC code on your shelf.

Our "Every Day Low Price" labels are larger than the other selections with the following specifications:

11" x 8.5" Sheet

6UP per sheet, 5 sheets per case = 30 labels

Each Bib Tag is 3.5" w x 3.75"h

All other standard label sizes are:

12 up on a sheet

11" x 8.5" Sheet

Each bib tag is 2.63" w  x  2.38" h

5 sheets  per case  =  60 labels


*Please call us directly for volume rates*